Covid-19 Statement

To all our valued BEE Ltd Employees, Contractors and Customers

As you know, the marine industry in the UK provides a vital service to the security, prosperity and wellbeing of the nation, especially so in these unprecedented times.

Boat Electrics and Electronics Ltd is proud to support this industry and we want to assure you all that we will continue to provide support to the best of our abilities during the current Covid-19 Pandemic.

However, considering Government advice and regulations, and given the continually evolving Covid-19 situation, we are now operating with a much-reduced manpower and we find that we must tailor our services in order to safeguard our engineers, vessel crews and all other personnel we may come into contact with.

As from Friday 20th March 2020, many of our engineers were placed on “furlough”, they are not carrying out their normal duties during this time, and if contacted by customers, are asked to forward enquiries on to the management team. We respectfully ask that any customer contacting our engineers is aware and mindful of this instruction.

For all critical sectors of the industry, we have set up a small team of engineers who are covering service requests or work on defence, law enforcement, or vital infrastructure projects.

Any such requests must, in all cases be directed to the management team, and all engineers in this team have been instructed to advise customers of this.

All communications with vessels and crew should be by telephone, and any area where Boat Electrics engineers are working on board any vessel, or within any production facility must be cleared of all other personnel.

We will continue to uphold the strictest of hygiene standards at all time, and we would ask that customers inform us prior to any visit of any special precautions that they may have in place.

All employees must always follow the cleanliness guidelines set out by government and communicated via email by the management team, this includes personal hygiene techniques and cleaning of BEE ltd premises.

To do our part to minimise the impact of the virus on everyone, we require any organisations that request a service visit or have a production facility where BEE Ltd employees may have cause to visit, provide us with a written description of the steps they are taking to ensure the health and safety of their own employees as well as ours.

Please note, all service requests involving travel to countries out with the UK cannot currently be undertaken until further notice.

All our support and management team are now working from home, but they can be contacted via the usual telephone numbers and, of course, email.

Boat Electrics and Electronics Ltd will continue to be guided by, and to act within guidelines set by government and health authorities until further notice.

Everyone at Boat Electronics Ltd thanks you for your continued support and understanding.

We greatly appreciate your shared commitment to maintaining the health and wellbeing of all our employees, families, and wider communities.

Stay Safe.

Simon Coleman

Managing Director