Update time

A belated Happy New Year from all at the BEE newsdesk!

So where have the last 6 months gone since our last update?

A frenetic 2nd half of the year saw us busier than ever, with engineers once again spread far and wide across the globe.

The USA, Netherlands, Palma, Togo and the Falkland Islands were just a few of the overseas locations our brave lads visited, often at very short notice, but always with good humour and enthusiasm.

At home, we experienced a similar upsurge in work, both in the commercial and leisure sides.

These first couple of months of 2019 sees us on the threshold of another busy year, one filled with a host of opportunities and new developments, and we look forward to meeting many new people.

We would like to thank every one of our customers, old and new, without you, we would be nothing, and we never forget that.

Below is a picture of just one of the projects that we were involved in last year, it was a privilege to meet such a beautiful lady…